OS accessibility features ・ For Mac OS

OS accessibility features ・ For Mac OS

Accessibility features standard on Mac OS

Up to Mac OS 9, “Easy Access” and “Cross View” in the control panel are aggregated after Mac OS X, and accessibility functions can be set in “Universal Access” or “Accessibility” There.
Accessibility features are also standard installed in iPhone, iPad, AppleWatch and others.


When the keyboard is difficult to strike

Compound key

It is a function for a person who is difficult to hold decoration keys such as Shift key and Control key at the same time and other keys at the same time and has the same function as the fixed key of Windows.

Slow key

It is a function for people who have incorrect input when entering the keyboard and has the same function as the Windows filter key.

When you can not press the keyboard

Keyboard viewer

There are cases where you can not push the key because the key does not reach the key due to paralysis or the like. In this case, display “keyboard viewer” on the monitor and enter key.

In Windows it is what we call “screen keyboard”, but the function is slightly different. There is a function that moves the pointer to the top of the keyboard viewer and clicking on the key you want to select to enter that key, but there is no “automatic input” or “scan input” function on Windows. Note that the keyboard viewer is not in “accessibility” or “universal access” but in the menu bar switching menu.

Check “Show Keyboard Viewer and Pictogram Viewer in Menu Bar” in the center of the screen.

When you click the language change icon on the right side of the menu bar, a bar like a screen appears, so there is “Show keyboard viewer” under that, so click on it.

A keyboard appears on the screen.

When the mouse is difficult to use

You can adjust the mouse speed and the interval (speed) of double click by the mouse setting of “System Environment Setting” as well as Windows. Also, similar to the change of “button configuration” in Windows, it is possible to switch the position of the secondary button left and right. Mac OS X does not have a click lock function like Windows, but you can set it so that dragging and dragging can be maintained by the operation of the trackpad with the setting of the trackpad by one finger operation .

When you can not use the mouse

Full keyboard access and keyboard shortcuts

If you set the full keyboard access function, you can operate without mouse, just like Windows keyboard navigation. By pressing the TAB key, you can move to the input form on the window, and you can use the keyboard shortcut to copy and paste, save files, print, etc. without using the mouse at all it can.

Check “All controls” in the field of full keyboard access under the window.

Mouse key

It is basically the same as the Windows mouse key, but allows mouse operation using the numeric keypad. You can operate the mouse with “12346789”, and click with “5” key. If you press “5” twice, it becomes double click.

Also, pressing the “0” key starts the drag operation and can drop it with the “.” Key.

The left side is the position of the numeric keypad on the keyboard and the right side is the position in the mouse movement direction with the actual numeric keypad。

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